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* Left:  Herbie and Rocky taking a snooze together, and right, sharing a seat.

* The tradition of keeping pugs is a longstanding one with Adrienne and Niki MacCarthy. As a surprise birthday present for Adrienne, pup Herbie arrived at MacCarthy's Bar in April, 2017, where he met up with Niki's Rocky who, sadly, died in November 2018, aged 12.

As a brave little pup he'll go far
You can see he'll be quite a star
He's ever so cute
He can be a real hoot
It's Herbie of MacCarthy's Bar
- Anon.

* By June 2017, Herbie was growing up fast, as can be seen from  these three pictures of him enjoying the sun - and a tasty bite- in the garden.

* When it comes to a snack, he's got the knack! Herbie at 10 months old in November 2017.

* Where's my beer?

* Greetings for Herbie on his 1st birthday, February 3, 2018.

* Prize pug! Herbie at Christmas, 2019, sporting his seasonal new socks and, right, as winner of the third prize in the medium-size  class in the dog show at the Caherlagh Threshing & Vintage Rally in  October, 2019, in aid of Conquer Cancer.

Prize pug website Oct 14 2019.jpg
Herbie Xmas sox.jpg
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