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'The genuine article ... a true gem'

Congratulations to Adrienne and Niki MacCarthy and all the staff at MacCarthy’s Bar for being made Pub of the Year 2016 in the annual Georgina Campbell Awards.

    The Georgina Campbell Guide is regarded as Ireland's leading independent hospitality guide.

    ‘This famous old pub and grocery store really is the genuine article,’ says the MacCarthy’s Bar award citation.

    ‘And as long as there are family run pubs as good as this one - which would make no claim to be a ‘food pub’, incidentally, but anything it serves is honest (simple and delicious) - the future of the Irish pub is assured.’

    When it comes to authentic traditional Irish pubs, MacCarthy’s Bar ‘is a supreme example of the genre, totally unaffected by its great fame - people travel from all over the world to see it for themselves and never, ever, is anyone disappointed by what they find.

    ‘It still has the traditional shop at the front (a working shop, not a museum piece) where fishermen and local workmen drop in for a pint. The bar is a pleasing jumble of memorabilia associated with the pub itself and the MacCarthy family’s distinguished history.

* Georgina Campbell's  awards are the longest running hospitality awards in Ireland and are highly coveted throughout the industry. Right; Adrienne MacCarthy with Georgina at the Pub of the Year award presentation.

    ‘The (coincidentally, not artlessly!) mismatched furniture is comfortable enough for eating (anyone for a simply superb crab sandwich?) and, if you can get a seat, for a night out enjoying their famous music sessions.

    ‘They don’t make them like this any more, although they certainly try. A true gem.’ 

     MacCarthy's Bar has received recommendations from Georgina Campbell on a number of occasions in the past.

    Adrienne MaCarthy said: 'We're absolutely delighted and honoured to have received such a prestigious award.'

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