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T-shirts: MacCarthy's Bar: Irish Pub of the Year 2016 (€12) , and below, a limited edition souvenir T-shirt produced for 'Dylan 75!' 2016,  a day celebrating Bob Dylan's 75th birthday (€12, sold out). 

All items can be purchased at MacCarthy's Bar

'A Doctor's Sword: How an Irish doctor survived war, captivity and the atomic bomb' (€20, 2016), a biography of Aidan MacCarthy by Bob Jackson, producer of the 'A Doctor's Sword' film documentary.

'A Doctor's War' by 
Aidan MacCarthy (2nd edition, 2005). €10.

MacCarthy's Bar fridge magnet (above, €3), and MacCarthy's Bar postcard (below, €3) with drawing by Beara artist Nadette Charlet, of Allihies.

'A Doctor's Sword' DVD (2015). €12.

Cotton shopping bag. €6.

...And don't forget your free MacCarthy's Bar/Bound for Beara sticker!

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