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* Adrienne and Niki MacCarthy with the Japanese ceremonial sword, or katana, brought home by their father Dr Aidan MacCarthy after the Second World War.

Photo: Irish Times.

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Heroic Hornets!

Long-time supporter Adrienne MacCarthy was over the moon to see Watford FC return to the Premier League following a 1-0 victory over Millwall on April 24, 2021 - promoted only nine months after relegation.

'The Aidan MacCarthy Story' with guide Sean Buckley ... Book in the bar or call 083 843 3092. Admission:

8 euros

Legacy of a doctor's war

The Aidan MacCarthy story was told in an episode of BBC Radio 4's 'Legacy of War' series, whch was narrated by actor Sean Bean and broadcast on July 27, 2020.

    Exploring how the experiences of war filter down through the generations, the series in this programme focused on how the lives of Niki and Adrienne MacCarthy had been affected.

      You could listen to the programme at the BBC Radio 4 'Legacy of War' webpage where it was expected be available at least until 2021.


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